As a business owner, it goes without saying that up-to-date licensing and insurance are an essential part of caring for your commercial vehicles. But did you know that seasonal weather changes can have a dramatic effect on your tires? Read on to learn how the changing seasons can impact your tires and, by extension, your company’s bottom line.

1. Air Pressure

When it comes to air pressure and your tires, there are two risks that you want to avoid at all costs:

Inflation and overinflation.

During warmer weather, the air in your tires can expand and overinflate. Meanwhile, when the temperature cools off in the winter, the air pressure in your tires tends to go down.

Whether you have too much air pressure or too little, however, your tires are at risk of blowing out and holding up your business. 

2. Increased Wear and Tear

Along with air pressure-related risks, seasonal changes can also shorten the lifespan of your tires through wear and tear. 

Driving summer tires during the winter, for instance, can make your tires more inclined to crack. And by the same token, the mechanisms that make winter tires an ideal choice for navigating icy road conditions can put more of your tire in contact with the road.

Changing your tires every year could save you money in the long run.

3. Decreased Performance

When push comes to shove, top-notch handling and braking are features that commercial drivers often take for granted with their work vehicles. If your fleet’s tires are rapidly wearing down, your staff members could struggle to navigate turns or brake in a timely fashion. This in turn can lead to compromised performance and safety concerns. 

Best Practices for Managing Seasonal Changes and Your Tires

The good news about managing commercial vehicle tires is that most problems can be solved with careful planning. To that end, here are some of our top tips:

  • Test your air pressure regularly 
  • Exchange summer or all-weather tires for winter tires at the appropriate time
  • Keep your insurance updated

Protect Your Business By Having the Right Vehicle Tires for Every Season

Whether you’re braking to getting from point A to point B, your fleet’s tires are an essential part of your day-to-day operations. However, weather changes don’t just affect road visibility and delivery speeds – they can have a profound effect on driver safety and longevity. 

Want to take your risk management strategy a step further? Contact Oracle RMS to discuss your commercial vehicle insurance policy today.