If there’s anything, besides getting into an accident, that every car owner wants to avoid, it’s becoming a victim of car theft.

Fortunately, even though it seems like property damage and car theft have been happening more often lately in the GTA, it’s still possible for you to protect your vehicle by taking a few simple precautions. 

Here are some tips that you can use to keep your car safe throughout the year. 

Tip #1: Don’t Let Your Car Idle Unattended

During the colder months, wanting to warm your car up before you go somewhere is only natural. But the problem with letting your car run unattended is that it becomes an easy target. Warming up your car by driving it prevents would-be car thieves from having the opportunity to take it.

Tip #2: Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Car thieves will often take the path of least resistance when it comes to stealing cars. If they can grab the keys by opening the door or reaching through an open window, they’ll do it. A simple way to make stealing your car a little harder is by keeping your doors and windows locked at all times. 

Tip #3: Park in Well-Lit Areas

Between the growing use of cameras in public places and the risk of being seen by someone who can call the police, most car thieves don’t want to be seen stealing people’s vehicles out in the open if it can be helped. Simply by parking in well-lit and well-populated areas, you can do a lot to stop your car from being stolen.

Tip #4: The Pandemic Effect

In many cases, car thieves aren’t strictly interested in just the car. If you have expensive electronics or valuables, those items are at risk. And if you have insurance information or ID in your glove compartment, you could end up being a victim of identity theft as well as car theft. By keeping your valuables hidden and your personal information on your person, you can make your car seem less attractive to thieves and other criminals.

The One Big Thing That You Can Do to Protect Yourself From Car Theft

You can protect the money you’ve put into your car by adding to or renewing your home and auto insurance policy. Auto insurance may be mandatory in Ontario, but there are still plenty of opportunities for you to save money while getting great coverage.


If you’re like many Canadians, your car is one of the most expensive items you own. You can protect yourself financially from car theft by having excellent auto insurance. Request a FREE auto insurance quote today.