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Whether you’re teaching or you own the studio, becoming a yoga instructor is a noble profession. But when your primary focus is on helping people, it’s easy to forget about the very real risks that you have to be prepared for when you’re running a business.

From in-class injuries to hail storms and natural disasters, a high-quality insurance policy allows yoga instructors to keep themselves and their businesses protected in the face of the unexpected.

Do Yoga Instructors Really Need Insurance?

There are three surprisingly common situations where solid insurance coverage can come to a yoga studio’s rescue.

Scenario #1: A Disgruntled Student Complains About Your Advertising

Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations when they start going to yoga. However, if a false advertising claim was to ever become the focus of a lawsuit, most yoga studios aren’t in a position where they can afford legal fees without being covered by insurance.

Scenario #2: Someone Gets Injured in Your Building

With students coming for classes and friends and relatives visiting or picking someone up, you never know when someone is going to slip and fall while leaving or entering your building. Insurance can help with defence costs as well as judgments in the event of a personal injury claim.

Scenario #3: Your Building is Damaged

All it takes is one harsh hailstorm or one fire for your building to sustain serious damage. If you own your building, it can pay to have an insurance policy that will cover the cost of repairs and/or rebuilding.

Protect Your Studio With Insurance for Yoga Instructors

Here at Oracle RMS, our yoga insurance coverage options include:

  • General Liability: This is an all-in-one package that may be able to provide you coverage whether you’re dealing with a slip and fall situation, a property damage complaint, or a false advertising claim.
  • Errors & Omissions: As a yoga instructor, you’re providing a professional service. If someone threw out their back or strained a muscle while following the advice you gave them, it’s possible that a lawsuit would ensue. Errors and omissions insurance covers advice given by professional service providers.
  • Contents Insurance: Building insurance coverage often doesn’t extend to the items you keep inside of your studio. If your yoga mats or business equipment were ever damaged by an insured peril, contents insurance would make it possible for you to be reimbursed.


Here at Oracle RMS, we offer insurance packages that were designed with yoga instructors in mind. Get your FREE yoga insurance quote today!