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Are you an owner of rental property or income property in Mississauga? Do you consider yourself to be a Mississauga property landlord? If so, then it is important to purchase an additional type of home insurance called “Rented Dwelling” insurance.

Rented Dwelling Insurance in Mississauga is rental coverage for Mississauga owners or investors who have purchased single-family home property, condominium units, apartments, townhouses or duplexes in Mississauga. These properties are to be rented out to all Mississauga tenants to gain profit. With Mississauga rental dwelling insurance, it will protect your Mississauga home and properties from damage, injury and liability claims.

Rented dwelling insurance in Mississauga includes the following coverages:

Liability Coverage: Financial protection for pricey liability lawsuits.
Property Coverage: Protection against damages to any structures of the Mississauga property, as well as any contents of the owner.
Dwelling Coverage: Coverage for repairs or reconstruction of the dwelling and other structures on the same property.
Loss of Rents Coverage: Compensation for rental costs if your rental dwelling has been damaged by an insured loss which causes your Mississauga property to be unlivable.

To be eligible for Mississauga Rented Dwelling Insurance, your investment property must be used for residential purposes only. In addition, you must also have the following:

Ownership of the insured dwelling
A maximum of two mortgages per dwelling
No property claims within the last five years
Actively involved in the conservation of the dwelling

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