So long summer. Open-water season is coming to an end and with it comes the responsibility of storing your boat for the long Canadian winter. The steps you take to winterize your boat now are what will protect your investment from the harsh extremities of Mother Nature.

Follow these steps towards winterizing your boat and before you know it, you’ll be right back out on the water in the springtime.

  1. Take care of the exterior.

Clean up debris and bacteria buildup by covering the hull immediately once the boat is emerged from the water. It’s always easier to clean a boat with wet residue rather than dry. Make sure to apply boat soap and rinse with a good quality scrub bush that is meant for boat’s exterior.

  1. Clean the Interior.

Vacuum the boat floors and wipe down the interior seating, walls and glass. Be sure to vacuum the upholstery as food particles can be overlooked and wreak havoc come springtime. Also scrub and rinse off the boat covers to ensure the removal of any existing bugs, dust or dirt. Use a gentle soap for the covers as the fabric is delicate and work in small areas to avoid dried soap stains. Allow your covers to dry before placing it back onto your boat to keep damp air out.

  1. Repair your boat.

Should your boat need repairs or maintenance work, make sure to get it done before the temperatures drop. This is one less obstacle in the way of you getting back out on the water in the springtime.

In addition, don’t forget to do the following:

  • Remove keys and assure your ignition has been switched off
  • Disconnect or remove boat battery to charge during winter
  • Remove the boats drain plug should water or liquid enter the boat throughout the winter season. This can potentially cause your boat to capsize!
  • Store any life jackets, gear, blankets, water toys, etc. Any object that’s damp can contribute to mold living and growing in your boat for the winter months. Place these in safe and dry storage during the off-season
  • Remove electronics, radios, phones, portable speakers, etc.

By following these winter maintenance tips, going back to the open water in the spring will help you prepare for the season. If there happens to be loss or damages during the time your boat was stored away, your boat insurance should have it covered.

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