Although much has been made about the rise of personal vehicle thefts, the Toronto Police Service has observed that commercial car theft has gone up as well in recent times.

Why have thieves started targeting commercial vehicles? And what can you do to protect your company vehicle? 

If your business has a commercial fleet or a company car, this article is for you.

Why Does Commercial Auto Theft Seem to Be On the Rise?

By our count, there are three potential reasons for the uptick in commercial auto theft:

1. The Impact of the Pandemic on Commercial Vehicle Use

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, many companies that would have needed six cars to function only needed three to be operational. Many cars were left on lots and were more vulnerable to theft as a result.

2. The Relative Higher Value of Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles often have catalytic converters. Because these converters are made with rhodium, platinum, and palladium, car thieves can cash in on three rare metals in one go. On top of the parts, work vans and trucks also often have industrial-grade tools that can be sold for significant amounts of money.

By our count, there are three potential reasons for the uptick in commercial auto theft:

3. Increased Unemployment

With more people facing unemployment, there are more people out there with enough time on their hands to start stealing vehicles and parts.

3 Tips That Could Help You Avoid Becoming a Victim of Commercial Auto Theft

We’ve talked about the reasons why commercial auto theft seems to be on the rise, but none of that explains how you can protect your vehicles. Here are our top three tips for business owners that have commercial cars.

Protect Your Company Vehicles With Oracle RMS

Tip #1: Park in Well-Lit Areas

Even when you’re dealing with personal vehicles, car thieves don’t want to be interrupted or caught on camera while breaking into your car. Busy areas with lots of light can be an effective deterrent to would-be thieves.

Tip #2: Review Your Insurance Policy

Ironically, this is advice that applies equally as well to standard auto insurance as it does to commercial auto insurance. If you haven’t renewed your policy in a while, you may want to speak with an insurance broker to make sure that you have adequate coverage.

Tip #3: Don’t Leave Cars Idling

Car theft is often a crime of opportunity. As such, it may be worth your while to have protocols in place that encourage staff members to be extra careful while leaving the company vehicles unattended.

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