Trees can make for a stunning backyard view. But all it takes is one fallen branch or tree for you to be left with a hefty repair bill.

However, the good news is that trees don’t usually snap in half out of nowhere. There are often warning signs that can let you know that a tree check-up may be in order. Keep reading to see our list.

Sign #1: You’re Seeing Fungus

This one might be hard to spot unless you’re looking closely. But if you’re seeing fungus around the roots of your tree or on the trunk, your tree’s problems could be more than superficial – you could be looking at an early indicator of decay.

Sign #2: The Tree’s Branches are Falling

All you have to do to check for this indicator is look up while standing under your tree. Does it look like every other branch is falling off or being held up by other branches? Your tree may not be in the best of health. And if you see this sign accompanied by rot, then you definitely know that something’s wrong.

Sign #3: You’re Not Seeing Bark in Any of the Usual Places

The presence of tree bark, or the lack thereof, can often tell a larger story about the overall health of your tree. Sections that don’t have bark can indicate the start of an infestation or a portion of the tree that has already died.

Sign #4: Leaves are Deformed or Dying Prematurely

Are there sections of your tree that don’t have leaves? Are the leaves on this tree dropping sooner than they should be? If you’re noticing that the leaves are unhealthy or simply thin, your tree could be in trouble.

Sign #5: Your Tree is Leaning

Even though trees aren’t necessarily supposed to stand perfectly straight, you don’t want to see them leaning. Once your tree has reached this stage, you’re one bad snowstorm away from a disaster. Don’t hesitate to speak with a professional about your options.


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