You’ve bought the dress. You’ve booked the venue.

For months now, your social media feed has been nothing but wedding updates and wedding-related posts.

However, for all the planning and effort that goes into the big day, there’s one finer detail that engaged couples often overlook:

Wedding insurance.

Here are four reasons why every engaged couple should consider putting wedding insurance on their wedding prep list.

Reason #1: Unexpected Events Can Lead to Unexpected Expenses

Seasoned wedding coordinators are almost always in high demand.


Because if one detail falls apart during a wedding, there’s often a domino effect.

A sudden military deployment could leave you with a cancelled wedding and a venue security deposit that you can’t get rid of. A gust of wind could overturn your tent, destroy your buffet table, and force you to order a ton of pizza on short notice.

In Canada, the average cost of a wedding is $29,450. Wedding insurance makes it possible for you to protect that investment.

Reason #2: Things Can Get Crazy Whether There’s Alcohol Involved or Not

Whenever you have a lot of people contained in a single space, anything can happen. Weddings are no exception.

Fights can break out between guests after a few too many drinks. And even if you have no plans for an open bar, there’s always a chance that someone could damage the venue or have a bad slip and fall.

Wedding insurance may be able to save you from having to pay these sorts of costs out-of-pocket.

Reason #3: Important Items Get Lost More Often Than You Think

During the wedding planning process, a lot of people operate under the assumption that no one in their right mind would lose the wedding ring or forget the cake.

But it happens more often than you might think.

And while nobody wants to deal with stolen valuables and misplaced essentials on such an important day, wedding insurance allows you to be financially prepared in the event that it does.

Reason #4: The Pandemic Effect

Nobody ever expects a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic to shut down their wedding plans, but in light of the restrictions around:

  • Non-essential travel
  • Social distancing
  • Social gathering restrictions
  • Shared food in public spaces
  • . . . It’s very possible for COVID regulations to affect your wedding plans in a best-case scenario. If you’re forced to cancel due to lockdowns, wedding insurance may be able to cover you for those costs.


    Although nobody likes to sit down and think about all the ways their wedding could go wrong, wedding insurance can help give engaged couples peace of mind going into their big day.