To all traveling shutterbugs, you may want to think twice before taking a photo on vacation and sharing it on your social media pages as it can affect your travel insurance coverage. Although insurance is the last thing on your mind when taking your photo and may seem harmless, it can actually affect your travel insurance based on the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada’s (THIA) latest survey.

They’ve discovered that 13 percent of Canadian travelers have injured themselves while posing for photos, with 18 percent of those injured being millennials. This could result in not receiving medical coverage, based on the injury that occurred on your vacation. The survey also found that 20 percent of vacationers consumed more than five alcoholic beverages in two hours. This means if photos were taken at the same time an injury happens and you’ve filed a claim, your travel insurance will simply deny it due to the photographic proof and the amount of alcohol in your system.

The Risk of Taking a Selfie

There are many ways to have your photo taken on vacation, but the one shot that seems to be popular as of late is the selfie. While it may be quick, convenient and easily be taken by you, some selfie-takers are just dying to have that perfect photo. Unfortunately, hundreds of people literally are. Many selfie deaths, also known as “killfie,” are the result of tourists taking risks in an unfamiliar area. When your killfie proves reckless and risky behavior, your insurance company will not provide coverage. It’s incredibly important to remember that your safety is a priority, especially on vacation. It should also be common sense to ask yourself if this selfie I’m taking is really worth risking my life?

Your Home and Car Insurance Can Be Affected too

Even though you’re eager to share your exciting vacation photos on Facebook and Instagram, it’s best to delay posting them until you’ve arrived home. You may not realize that you are putting your home at risk of being broken into or have your car stolen. When you have an open social media profile and post your photos, think twice as not all your “friends” are your friends. In fact, burglars use social media as a tool to gather information and target your home based on what you’ve posted publicly online. Coming home to a break in or seeing that your car has been stolen is definitely avoidable when you don’t post photos immediately. In addition, you can prevent stress from filing an insurance claim, which can take time to recover compensation for all of your losses.

Insurance Coverage will save you during Unforeseen Circumstances

Though your vacation photos can bring back plenty of memories, ensure they are captured with positive memories. That is why you need travel insurance. It is recommended for all vacationers to purchase travel insurance before their trip as it can protect you from any unforeseen circumstances. Once purchased, verify what coverages are included since THIA’s study found that 26 percent of Canadians are unaware of what is covered in their policy.

On top of that, residents of Ontario can no longer get travel health coverage as part of OHIP, which means buying travel insurance is even more important to have. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to check and buy insurance before you travel and to stay safe on your vacation.

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