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Provides protection for the insured against losses for the failure to protect a customer’s personal information via theft, viruses, unauthorized access or denial of service attack.


Business Interruption

Provides coverage on lost sales and revenue from company downtime. It can also provide coverage if a claim prevents your company from earning money.


Website Media Liability

Provides coverage against defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism and more.


Network Security Liability

Provides protection for the insured’s failed network security in defending against computer malicious acts.

Welcome to Cyber Insurance with Oracle RMS Ontario provided by the Axis Reinsurance Company

Cyber security attacks are a fast and evolving risk for all working professionals operating a commercial business or companies, especially now that we’re in a more digital era of the world. At Oracle RMS, we offer a quick and easy solution in providing the right cyber insurance coverage instantly when you need it.

Cyber insurance provides coverage for your business’ liability should there be a data breach involving sensitive employee and customer information. This type of coverage also provides costs that can include business disruption, revenue loss, equipment damages, public relations expenses, legal fees, forensic analysis and costs associated with legally mandated notifications.

In addition, cyber insurance is available for companies with revenues up to $50M and are able to choose coverage limits of up to $2M. You will receive a direct quote, and then bind online. Once bound, there will be instant access to your policy documents. Through this quick and easy process, know that your business operations can now be covered.

Types Of Occupations Where Cyber Insurance Provides Coverage

 Administrative Services

 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation



Educational Services

Health Care

Hospitality Services

Information Technology


Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction


Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 

Real Estate

Retail Trade

Transportation and Warehousing

Wholesale Trade

Statistics on Cyber Security Attacks

71% of businesses reported experiencing at least one cyber-attack that impacted the organization in some type of way, including time and resources, out of pocket expenses and paying ransom.
About 10% of Canadian businesses impacted by a cyber security incident reported the incident to a police service in 2017. About 10% of Canadian businesses impacted by a cyber security incident reported the incident to a police service in 2017.
The businesses that were subject to a data breach showed that only 58% reported it to a regulatory body; 48% to their customers; 40% to their management and 21% to their board of directors.
In 2018, 43% of businesses who said they didn’t employ dedicated cybersecurity resources stated “lack of resources” for their reasoning. This has gone up 11% from the year before.  

No matter what profession or business you are in, Oracle RMS will make sure you receive the right Cyber Insurance coverage that will suits your business needs.

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Always refer to your insurance policy documents for information about your coverage- including limits, deductibles and exclusions. In case of discrepancy, the insurance contract prevails over general information available on this site.

All insurance products that are bound online are subject to conditions, limitations and exclusions as outlined in the insurance policy documents and applicable legislation.

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