It’s an exciting time when you’ve just received your drivers license or if you’re about to purchase your first car! In the midst of excitement, don’t forget you need  car insurance. If you’re a first time car insurance buyer and eager to get out on the road risk-free, make sure you educate yourself with these tips on how to obtain car insurance.

First things first, be prepared for car insurance prices that can be above your expectations. Young drivers with no driving experience are considered to be high-risk drivers for all insurance companies. Even if you’re a young driver who’s been driving for years, but recently purchased a car, you may still be in the 16-24 age percentile that is considered high-risk.

We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you search for auto insurance and ultimately, save you money.

How does the car you purchase affect your insurance?

  • Stay away from cars most prone to theft: Cars that are most likely to be stolen have high insurance premiums to accommodate higher risk.
  • Anti-theft vehicle devices: Cars that have these systems installed receive discounts.
  • Take into account your car’s airbags: Purchasing a car with dual airbags and side airbags will lower your rate.
  • Consider a car with Anti-lock brakes: This system is installed mostly in  new vehicle models and will positively affect your insurance rate.
  • Buying Used?: If the car you’re purchasing is modified in any way, it could affect your insurance policy and could even get you denied from the insurance company. Let them know the modifications prior to buying.

What type of discounts do you qualify for?

  • Driving school certification: Once you’ve attended and completed driving school, you will receive driving course accreditation. Insurance premiums will be reduced to acknowledge that you’ve taken the proper courses to validate that you’re a safe driver!
  • Show your school transcripts: Many insurance companies offer discounts for students that have high performance in school. The criteria between companies vary but if you qualify, it could save you a good chunk of money.
  • Not commuting can save you money: If you won’t be using your car to commute, your insurer will offer you a discount. For example: you’re away at school and your car is at home.
  • Multi-Line Home Discount: If you live alone and pay home insurance under the same address on your driver’s license, you can qualify for a multi-line discount. Still live at home? You’re in luck too if your parents have home insurance. This works if you use the same insurance company they used to get auto insurance.
  • Multi-Line Vehicle Discount: The same goes for automobiles. If your parents have auto insurance and share the same address as you, you can qualify for a discount.
  • Winter tires make a difference: Rates lower when insurance companies know you have purchased winter tires.
  • Do your research: Make sure to shop around to look for better premiums. Don’t make a decision until you feel well-informed and have familiarized yourself with any part of your contract you don’t understand. You’ll end up making the right decision for yourself when you don’t rush the process.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with looking for insurance know that the process doesn’t need to be. These tips are a great guide to help get you started on the right path towards protecting yourself while out on the road. Here at Oracle RMS, we have over 18 insurance carriers and are very familiar with insuring first time car drivers – give us a call and one of our licensed brokers will be more than happy to help.